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Welcome to meta, our official discussion site for all things related to IP software development. You’ll find topics on implementations, ideas, features, development, hosting, issues, bugs and general support here.

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About us

In the spirit of open source software, this community is developing efficient and flexible software for processing intellectual property information based on modern components and technologies.

Open source software projects live from collaboration, contribution and participation. You are welcome to join our efforts.

A brief description of this community:

  • Who is this for?
    We are open to all people working in different fields who share a common interest in patent data acquisition, processing and analytics. Welcome academics, lawyers, researchers, service providers, data- and software-engineers and -scientists, system-analysts and -designers or whatever your profession might be.

  • What can you find here?
    In the spirit of giving an overview over the open source software landscape in patent data processing, this is growing a knowledge base of valuable resources around data handling best practices and Open Source IP Software.

  • Why should you come here?
    If you are interested in collaborating with like-minded people who are sharing their insights about data- and software-centric topics with each other, we are sure you will find something which will make you stick around. As you’ve finally made it this far, you might think about signing up to subscribe to regular updates on specific topics of personal interest.

  • Is there more information already?
    You might enjoy visiting https://www.ip-tools.org/, a curated list of open source software modules, applications and resources. Feel free to add more.

Thanks for helping us raising the awareness on the Internet about open source patent software!

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