Problem when accessing PDF document of EP2706864A2


A user reported that she wasn’t able to retrieve the document PDF of EP2706864A2 properly. After checking [1], we found that while EPO’s European publication server does return a valid response, it’s actually of type text/html and returns a HTML document referencing the corresponding WO document at WIPO:


We don’t want [2] to yield mixed text/html or application/pdf responses.


We will try to mitigate this issue appropriately, either by skipping the European publication server by only considering responses with Content-Type: application/pdf as valid, or - maybe later - by trying to follow the reference to WIPO. We are also tracking this issue inline with Use EPO publication server for obtaining PDFs of EP publications by aghster · Pull Request #12 · ip-tools/ip-navigator · GitHub.



By going to “External sources » PDF and Images » OPS” like depicted here

you can explicitly request the PDF document from OPS, in turn yielding a placeholder document [1,2] displaying a reference to the document WO 2012/153305.

[2] EP2706864A2.pdf (14.7 KB)


After fixing this issue, all placeholders

will now deliver corresponding PDF documents again.


Enjoy your research.