POS taggers and term extractors

A collection of fine NLP components, specific to POS tagging and term extraction.


This package determines important terms within a given piece of content. It uses linguistic tools such as Parts-Of-Speech (POS) and some simple statistical analysis to determine the terms and their strength.


Term extraction for Russian language.


Morphological analyzer / inflection engine for Russian and Ukrainian languages.


BLLIP reranking parser

  1. The BLLIP reranking parser (also known as Charniak-Johnson parser, Charniak parser, Brown reranking parser). See bllipparser ยท PyPI for Python module.

  2. The BLLIP parser (also known as the Charniak-Johnson parser or Brown Reranking Parser) is described in the paper Charniak and Johnson (Association of Computational Linguistics, 2005). This package provides the BLLIP parser runtime along with a Python interface. Note that it does not come with any parsing models but includes a model downloader. The primary maintenance for the parser takes place at GitHub.


Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing (BLLIP)