Invenio Digital Library Framework


Open Source framework for large-scale digital repositories.

Invenio is like a Swiss Army knife of battle-tested, safe and secure modules providing you will all the features you need to run a trusted digital repository.

Invenio powers the CERN Open Data Portal

Explore more than 1 petabyte of open data from particle physics!

Enjoy exploring and read about the CERN Open Data Portal.


The CERN Open Data Portal portal is - amongst others - built around Invenio:

Invenio is a library management software that allows to run your own digital library, institutional repository, multimedia archive, or research data repository on the web. The technology offered by the software covers all aspects of digital library management, from document ingestion through classification, indexing, and curation up to document dissemination.

The flexible data model uses JSON schema to describe articles and various other types of media and supports popular master metadata formats, such as MARC21 as its underlying bibliographic format. Invenio features a powerful search engine that handles repositories of up to several million records with ease.

Being composed of a multitude of independent pluggable packages, the digital library framework provides the needed flexibility for a wide range of applications. Invenio is a strong advocate of open standards and open access and makes use of DOI, Memento, OAI-PMH, ORCID, OpenAIRE and many others.