Indigo: A universal organic chemistry toolkit


Indigo is a universal molecular toolkit that can be used for molecular fingerprinting, substructure search, and molecular visualization. Also capable of performing a molecular similarity search, it is 100% open source and provides enhanced stereochemistry support for end users, as well as a documented API for developers.

Indigo is based on a cheminformatics library that incorporates a number of unique algorithms developed by EPAM, as well as some standard algorithms well-known in the cheminformatics world. Since the core part of Indigo is written in modern C++ with no third-party code or dependencies except the ubiquitous zlib and libcairo, the toolkit provides outstanding performance and excellent portability.

Indigo is used by many corporations and institutions. This includes some Indigo-based commercial tools developed exclusively for our clients. Also, our open-source chemical search engine Bingo is developed on top of the Indigo library.

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