Getting a list of all query expressions

Researchers asked us about whether there’s a way to retrieve the full list of query expressions conducted during a research session about a specific topic.

The background of this request is that users’ customers are usually asking about a report document which outlines more details about the research procedure.

PatZilla offers a comprehensive export feature which already supports such things. We’d like to outline how you would work with that.

Export dialog

After hitting the export button at the bottom of the project control widget …

and selecting the “Office Workbook” output format like …

Output examples

PatZilla will offer a .xlsx file for download. On the second worksheet called queries

you will be able to see the list of all query expressions used during the research session associated with the selected project, together with the number of hits, the datasource name and the time at which the search was conducted:

If you need this information in different output formats, feel free to …

  1. Select the “Zip archive” output format.

  2. Choose from one or more report formats.

  3. Enjoy a comprehensive Zip archive offered for download, which contains the requested information in different files and folders.


    • @dossier.xlsx is the Office Workbook file described above.
    • The csv folder contains three files 01-queries.csv, 02-documents.csv and 03-comments.csv containing the respective information, while the
    • the json folder offers the same content in JSON format per files 01-queries.json, 02-documents.json and 03-comments.json.

Examples at a glance

Office Workbook


"{""inventor"": ""\""Edison Thomas\""""}","in=(""Edison Thomas"")",582,ops,2019-02-09T03:14:25+01:00


        "timestamp": "2019-02-09T03:14:25+01:00", 
        "hits": 582, 
        "expression": "in=(\"Edison Thomas\")", 
        "datasource": "ops", 
        "criteria": "{\"inventor\": \"\\\"Edison Thomas\\\"\"}"