Display problem when requesting numberlist containing special characters

Recently, a user reported to us having problems when querying by numberlist like


While this was part of a larger numberlist, let’s take a smaller sample for investigation:

2xEP, 1xJP

EP 02207839B1
EP 02612740A1
JP 2010046925A


It turned out that the input numberlist contained tab characters chr(9) for separating the country code from the number part.

In fact, the raw input payload was:

EP	02207839B1
EP	02612740A1
JP	2010046925A


  1. It looks like just the JP 2010046925A document number would not get sanitized properly:

  2. Funny enough, requesting numbers containing tab characters with EP-only numbers works, e.g.:
    https://patzilla.ip-tools.io/?numberlist=EP 02207839B1%2CEP 02612740A1

  3. while the same number list adding a single JP number makes the whole page rendering go haywire, e.g.
    https://patzilla.ip-tools.io/?numberlist=EP 02207839B1%2CEP 02612740A1%2CJP 2010046925A