A collection of high quality DataViz components.

twyg - Generative tree visualiser for Python


Ready to go

  • 16 visually fine-tuned built-in configurations
  • 32 attractive looking colorschemes
  • 512 styles achievable out-of-the-box by simply combining the included configurations and colorschemes (see examples)
  • Ideal for getting useable results quickly without having to learn the configuration language

High-quality output

  • Fully customisable node and connection shapes and coloring algorithms
  • Gradient and drop-shadow support, even in PDF and PostScript files
  • High-quality font rendering via Cairo
  • PNG, PDF, SVG and PostScript output
  • Supports Pycairo and NodeBox1 backends

Endless tweakability

  • Simple yet flexible plain-text configuration
  • Define all visual aspects of the tree in a generative fashion
  • Property values can be combinations of literal values, expressions of arbitrary complexity
  • Ability to cascade configuration files and sections to build up your own reusable library of custom styles
  • Extensive reference documentation


Glumpy: Fast, scalable and beautiful scientific visualization

Glumpy is a python library for scientific visualization that is both fast, scalable and beautiful. Glumpy offers an intuitive interface between numpy and modern OpenGL.

Glumpy is an OpenGL-based interactive visualization library in Python. Its goal is to make it easy to create fast, scalable, beautiful, interactive and dynamic visualizations.



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pagemap – mini map for web pages

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