Claims of different document cycles are identical

A user reported to us that the document EP2984991B1 would have the same claim text as the document EP2984991A1.

They reported that the same also holds true for EP3092919B1, which’ claims are identical with the claims of the preliminary cycle EP3092919A1.

Another user reported that in the case of the granted patent EP2586584B1, the claims of the application EP2586584A1 are displayed when searching via Espacenet. However, the abbreviated claims will appear correctly in the PDF document of EP2586584B1. Here, claim 9 of the application becomes claim 1 of the grant.

The real claims can be held against each other when comparing the PDF document of EP2586584A1 with the one of EP2586584B1.

We have been able to resolve this issue and - while being at it - also unlocked the display of all available multilanguage-variants for fulltexts.

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