Sep 26, 2018

Release 0. 151.0.

Misc I

jQuery 3 migration

Misc II

  • [o] Submitting expression “pa=(Siemens and Bosch)” to
    WPS Fulltext does not properly propagate error
  • [o] Migrate from x-editable to bootstrap-editable
  • [o] Make IFI CLAIMS data acquisition optionally in “documents_add_placeholders”
  • [o] Serve static files via Nginx (.gz)
  • [o] Add error reporting button to “No claims|description available for xyz” conditions at ificlaims.js
  • [o] Introduce the concept of staggered language preferences for displaying full texts
  • [o] More fine granular busyness resolution of “OPS X-Throttling-Control: busy (images=green:100, inpadoc=green:45, other=green:1000, retrieval=green:100, search=green:15)”
  • [o] Is it really downloading all the drawings for each document
    and thus stalling in case a document with a large number of drawings
    gets displayed?
  • Reenable FulltextPRO data source
    • Search and replace and rename: FulltextPRO, ftpro
    • [o] Run tests
    • [o] Improve configuration
    • [o] Use concordance assets?
    • [o] Add basic commandline client
    • [o] Update querybuilder badge color


  • [o] PatZilla: Woes with DE502006003996D1
    • Not found on OPS
    • ap=/an= anomaly with DPMA
  • [o] PatZilla: classification explorer