Sep 08, 2017

Release 0.135.0.

Sep 15, 2017

Release 0.136.0.



  • Fix tests
  • Improve error propagation when MongoDB is down
  • Commit & Push “patzilla-workbench” repository
  • Bump component versions of the whole software stack
  • docs:install-production
  • Rename export file “ipsuite-database_2017-03-01_14-24-14.json” to “ip-navigator-database_2017-03-01_14-24-14.json”


  • Introduce webpack
  • Currently, all “application_settings” get leaked into javascript, e.g. api_consumer_key et al.
  • Think about urlcleaner minification.
  • [o] Have a look at “elmyra” stuff in build tools
  • [o] Run a deployment of PatZilla on almera:develop. Use a different database for Beaker.
  • [o] Rebuild opaquelinks.pem
  • [o] Continue with THIRD-PARTY-LICENSE.rst @ jquery.viewport.min.js / jquery.waypoints.min.js
  • [o] User provisioning, i.e. “patzilla adduser xyz”
  • [o] Document detail about using Ghengis as frontend to MongoDB
  • When having an empty query, reject crawling! (also: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘expression’ of null)
  • [o] Better messages for “numberlist-search” result list, e.g. EO666666
  • [o] Decouple search word highlighting from “keywords” component