Apr 04, 2017

Release 0.133.0.

Apr 06, 2017

Release 0.134.1.

  • [o] When having searched via comfort form and then switching to expert search,
    keywords from comfort form will still be highlighted in search results.
  • [o] When being on page >1 and searching again from expert search via CTRL+ENTER,
    page counter does not get reset to “1”
  • Bramong for help pages
  • Remove “FulltextPRO” data source
  • [o] Rename “Family member by priority” to s.th.l. “Country-sort/-prioritize family members”
  • [o] Properly serve a “robots.txt”
  • Upgrade all dependencies of Python (backend/middleware)
  • [o] Upgrade all dependencies of Javascript (frontend)
  • [o] Bring LICENSE-THIRD-PARTY.rst up to speed
  • Upgrade OPS API to v3.2
  • “Menu » Online Help” does not work!
  • General “Report problem” button on detail panel. Esp. with fulltext stuff, e.g. CA2895851A1
  • Refactor the base data models:
    // TODO: maybe move these methods to "viewHelpers"
    // http://lostechies.com/derickbailey/2012/04/26/view-helpers-for-underscore-templates/
    // https://github.com/marionettejs/backbone.marionette/wiki/View-helpers-for-underscore-templates#using-this-with-backbonemarionette
  • [o] How to add numbers to project from the outside like /?context=viewer&project=M%C3%B6belrolle&numberlist=DE102012201654A1%2CDE202014102651U1%2CDE102009040135A1%2CEP2258599A2%2CDE202005014564U1%2CDE19740897A1%2CWO0191615A1%2CDE19741742A1%2CDE29907842U1%2CEP0492151A1%2CDE9405124U1%2CCH670991A5%2CDE3620098A1%2CCH546559A%2CAT259170B%2CCH162953A%2CCH151918A%2CCH107575A%2CWO2016075412A1%2CJP2009006746A%2CJPS6427035U%2CUS4518142A%2CUS3441974A%2CCH394039A%2CUS2014331901A1%2CKR20140067456A%2CUS2012091299A1%2CCN203646844U%2CCN103431672A%2CCN202856213U%2CUS2008251319A1%2CUS2008094826A1%2CUS2008251317A1%2CCN2831911Y%2CCN2624729Y%2CUS3826336A%2CUS3559761A
  • [o] In Internet Explorer, the activity indicator is already spinning when opening the export dialog
  • [o] Start using Sentry instead of proprietary solution: https://github.com/getsentry/raven-js