Aug 04, 2016

Release 0.117.0.

Aug 07, 2016

Release 0.119.6.

2016-08-01 [amo]

2016-08-02 [amo]

2016-08-03 [amo]

  • [o] When deleting project after renaming, the wrong (old) name is shown in delete confirmation dialog.
  • [o] Reset sorting at DEPATISnet
  • [o] Protect basket from pasting invalid content
  • [o] No user notification when submitting with empty query form
  • [o] No user notification when starting crawl w/o criteria
  • [o] When using “?ship-url=”, there too less space after button “Submit” is visible
  • [o] Possibility to edit basket content directly
  • [o] Most probably, it makes no sense requesting PDF document w/o kindcode at EP archive
  • [o] Fontconfig warning: “local.conf”, line 588: saw number, expected matrix
    => Git rid of the hack which caused fontconfig errors · trueos/pcbsd@b67e5b4 · GitHub
          root@almera:~# diff -u /etc/fonts/local.conf.dist /etc/fonts/local.conf
          --- /etc/fonts/local.conf.dist	2016-08-04 15:07:21.409421362 +0200
          +++ /etc/fonts/local.conf	2016-08-04 15:07:43.409450146 +0200
          @@ -583,9 +583,11 @@
             <!-- FIXME: dirty_hack(tm) - fontconfig reports syntax errors -->
             <match target="font">
          +    <!--
               <test qual="any" name="matrix" compare="not_eq">
          +    -->
               <!-- another approach - no errors but freezes Firefox 1.5 -->
               <match target="font">
          @@ -1095,4 +1097,4 @@

  • Portrait/landscape is not honored properly when converting XLSX->PDF on Debian, but works on Mac OS X

          root@almera:~# unoconv --version
          unoconv 0.5
          Written by Dag Wieers <dag@wieers.com>
          Homepage at http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/unoconv/
          platform posix/linux2
          python 2.7.3 (default, Jun 21 2016, 18:38:19)
          [GCC 4.7.2]
          LibreOffice 3.5
          (.venv27)amo offgrid ~$ /Applications/LibreOffice.app/Contents/program/LibreOfficePython.framework/bin/unoconv --version
          unoconv 0.6
          Written by Dag Wieers <dag@wieers.com>
          Homepage at http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/unoconv/
          platform posix/darwin
          python 3.3.5 (default, Apr 21 2015, 05:07:24)
          [GCC 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5666) (dot 3)]
          LibreOffice 4.3

    => Most probably, it’s due to the old LibreOffice version on the production system.

    /Applications/LibreOffice.app/Contents/MacOS/soffice --version
    LibreOffice 8a35821d8636a03b8bf4e15b48f59794652c68ba
    root@almera:~# libreoffice --version
    LibreOffice 3.5

    => Upgrade to more recent version: aptitude install libreoffice -t wheezy-backports

2016-08-04 [amo]

  • [o] Canonical query for easily displaying differences between search backends:
    ps:pa=(Siemens and Bosch) AND cl=H04L12/282
  • [o] What about adding an overview about all used Classes to Report summary? (and probably other information from queries as well…)
  • [o] Also add class information as export variant
  • [o] Add Disclaimer to Excel/PDF report
  • [o] XML bulk acquisition: OPS does not have full texts for DE, US (and some more)
  • [o] Use http://ziggurat-foundations.readthedocs.io/ as authentication framework
  • Honor X-Throttling-Control
      Busy situation::
          idle (images=green:200, inpadoc=green:60, other=green:1000, retrieval=green:200, search=green:30)
          busy (images=green:100, inpadoc=green:45, other=green:1000, retrieval=green:100, search=green:15)
          idle (images=green:200, inpadoc=green:60, other=green:1000, retrieval=green:200, search=green:30)
          busy (images=green:100, inpadoc=green:45, other=green:1000, retrieval=green:100, search=green:15)
      Overload situation::
          busy (images=black:0, inpadoc=green:45, other=green:1000, retrieval=green:100, search=green:15)
          overloaded (images=black:0, inpadoc=green:30, other=green:1000, retrieval=green:50, search=green:5)
  • CLIENT.InvalidCountryCode or SERVER.EntityNotFound for US documents
  • Due to “errors.add()”, all cornice errors accumulate when multiple failures occur
  • to_json has weird output format => use “record” mode or s.th.l.th.
  • [o] Excel report: “yielded 331629159 hits in total.” => decimal separators!
  • [o] When pasting numbers into the basket, they should have a “neutral” state, neither “dismissed”, nor “seen”
    => Check all downstream features afterwards, esp. data export. :slight_smile:
  • Check whether EP archive requests get cached
  • Run HTTP session with PDF archive, don’t tear up a HTTPS connection on each and every request
  • [o] Export dialog: Warning in user interface about long acquisition run times
  • [o] For bulk data acquisition, get full texts from other data sources than EPO/OPS.
  • [o] Reject empty query parameter ?project=
  • Improve contrast of drawings by upgrading to more recent version of ImageMagick

2016-08-06 [amo]

  • [o] Data export: Add patent titles (english) to Workbook
  • [o] Improve wording of
    • Document representation “US7882712B2” not in result list
    • Please check alternative representations or enable the Full cycle mode to display all available kindcode variants.
  • [o] Introduce “remove family members” with OPS also, see also http://forums.epo.org/espacenet/topic3833.html
  • [o] Data export: Add expiring permalink to project to Workbook
  • [o] Protect API endpoints on patentview.xyz somehow, but let it be available for its designated functionality
  • [o] More pleasant family overview than CCD
  • [o] Prioritätsauswahl für Familienbereinigung mit ezs
  • [o] Patent view: Don’t hide elements after rendering, just don’t render them. :slight_smile:

2016-08-10 [amo]

See also Improve the user interface.

2016-08-11 [amo]

  • [o] Put useragent and maybe more into Javascript Stacktrace
  • [o] Prioritize family removal to DE, EP, WO, US
          applicant:      Siemens and Bosch
          class:          H04L12/433 or H04L12/24
        => Second result TW200425680A should deliver DE10313360A1. Or better (skip) DE502004006106D1?
        => Sixth result ES2306255T3 should deliver DE102004061891A1.
        => Result AT412288T should deliver DE102005011387A1. Or EP1861952A1? Or WO2006094844A1? => !!! MISSING !!!
           But DE502006001895D1 was chosen as representative document, which unfortunately is not available on OPS.

2016-08-12 [amo]

2016-08-30 [amo]

2016-09-01 [amo]

2016-09-03 [amo]

2016-09-05 [amo]

2016-09-16 [amo]