Apr 02, 2014

Release 0.6.7.

Jun 24, 2014

Release 0.26.1.

TIMESTAMP: 2014-05-20

Milestone 5.1.2 [lvg, cma]

  • Auto-format beim pasting raus, explizit verdrahten
  • PDF auf Zweitmonitor per frame-pinning
  • Paging bar reduzieren
  • DEPATISnet: Trefferanzahl
  • DEPATISnet: Fehlerhafte query führt zu gleichen ergebnissen
  • Soll DEPATISnet der default werden? Ja!
  • Datasource besser kenntlich machen, evtl. mit Logo
  • Review: Per 10er häppchen am paging festmachen (quick & dirty lösung)
  • Format total count with . separator for 1000s
  • Keyboard shortcuts for switching between ops, depatisnet and review mode

Milestone [lvg]

  • Review action: Ein icon oben
  • “View” count wieder rausnehmen => debug view
  • Query OPS => debug view
  • EPO vs. DPMA Logo SVG anomaly
  • About CQL weg => Hilfe text
  • Lupe statt sternchen
  • Action buttons rechts neben feldauswahl
  • Review submit button nach rechts
  • Popovers for
    • [o] datasource buttons
    • query area action icons
    • [/] cql field chooser
  • “your selection” weg
  • Neu: share und delivery antäuschen

Milestone [lvg, amo]

  • Overhaul fulltext highlighting (also for ops searches)
  • PDF von depatisnet
  • Enable keyword highlighting for applicants, inventors, etc.
  • Don’t inline-search with original (applicant|inventor) names due to anomalies, e.g.
    • Better use ‘SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO LTD’ (the epodoc name)

Milestone [lvg, amo]

  • Datamodel basics: speichern des baskets und der query
    • Inline link verliert basket (klar)
    • Query recording
    • Persistent basket
    • Project crud
      • Basics: show project name, rename project, load/activate project
      • Bug: project chooser is empty a) after renaming project, b) when recording a query
      • Bug: sometimes, project chooser is empty after page load
      • Refresh/update chooser when e.g. “modified” changes, in order to reflect the changes
      • Update “project.modified” when basket gets manipulated
      • More crud actions: delete project
  • Use OpenSearch
    • <link rel="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" title="Elmyra patent search" href="/static/meta/opensearch.xml" />
    • http://www.opensearch.org/Specifications/OpenSearch/1.1#OpenSearch_description_document

Milestone [lvg, amo]

  • Project chooser umpositionieren => header
  • Basket reflektiert browserübergreifend nicht die inhalte
  • Persistently remember current selected project in global settings
    => no, use “project=xxx” in links for propagating the project context
  • Share-via-mail feature (via local mailer)
  • Reverse citation: ct per OR liste
  • Limit ct to 10 items due to ops restriction
  • Modify/extend citation link buttons
    a) Citing (ct=pn)
    b) Same citations (ct= OR)
    c) All citations (pn= OR)
  • Basket entry count: “entries” vs. “entry”
  • Show more information
    • CPC (cooperative) beside ipcr (international)
    • Priority-claims
    • Application number
TIMESTAMP: 2014-06-05

Milestone [lvg, amo]

Project crud

  • New project
  • Show count of entries in basket

Milestone [lvg]

  • Appl. number wieder raus
  • Projektlabel gl. schriftgröße
  • Import submit share rotieren
  • Entries in blank button
  • Project action buttons small
  • Nach Citation environment Link geht Projekt Context verloren.
  • Citation environement: Vorschlag Label Text weg, nur Lupensymbol
  • Prio Darstellung: “(31) PN, Datum”
  • Bei den IPC Klassen sind die Angaben etwas versetzt dargestellt.
      (51) IPC:     B23C3/00
           IPC-R:   B23Q 11/ 00, B23Q 11/ 00
           CPC:     B23Q 11/ 00, B23Q 11/ 00

Milestone [amo]

  • Display description and claims
  • Highlighting inside description and claims
  • “Select all” button

Milestone [lvg, amo]

  • Popover at (56) stops working after switching between detail views
  • Reword “Add all documents to basket”

Milestone [amo]

  • Make basket-entry-count-button non-clickable
  • Citation environment wording amendments:
    “Same citations” => “Documents with same citations”
    “All citations” => “All cited documents”

Milestone [lvg]

  • Datums Wert (45) im Header muss mind. 25 px weiter nach rechts, da er bei langen Patentnummern teils abgedeckt wird.


Milestone [lvg, amo]

Datamodel enrichments

  • Query UI: Browse query history, select (reuse) query

  • Increase detail depth

    • BasketEntryModel
      • rating
      • dismiss (formerly “reject”)
  • Basket: Load, save, review (Mit Label) [lvg, amo]

    • Ausführlicheres Datenmodell, mit
      project |-- list of queries
      |— basket
      |— list of basket entries
    • History/Warenkorb mit quadrupel (bookmark-date, number, title, rating, dismiss, query (-id))
  • Bug: queries don’t get recorded when not coming in via ?query=xyz

  • Bug: bei fehlerhafter depatisnet suche läuft der indicator weiter

  • Bug: highlighting fehler bei http://localhost:6543/ops/browser?query=pa=ibm&datasource=depatisnet

Quickaccess- and vanity-urls:

  • /today [amo]
  • /date/2014-03-23, /date/2014W10 [amo]
  • /country/de [amo]


Milestone [lvg, amo]

Basket improvements

  • BasketEntryView
    • Rating widget
    • Dismiss button
  • Fill BasketEntryModel with more attributes (timestamp, title)
  • Review geht nicht mehr
  • Datasource: OPS => EPO, DEPATISnet => DPMA umbenennen
    plus hotkeys: shift+ctrl+E
  • Rating: empty state weg
  • Basket add/remove: kein “plus” button, nur “trash” button zum entfernen
  • Hotkeys
  • Die Buttons Biblio, Desc, Claims und PDF und „more“ könnten in einer
    Button row zusammengefasst werden,
    gehört alles irgendwie zusammen und spart so Platz.
    Löst evtl. auch das: Das Anmeldedatum (22) bricht immer um.
  • [/] Die Sterne könnten etwas größer sein.
  • Farbige markierung
    • grün: n.r.
    • gelb
    • orange
    • rot
  • BasketEntryModel: Add attribute “comment”

2014-06-10 - 2014-06-12

Milestone [lvg, amo]

Commenting plugin, Marionette style:

  • CommentsPlugin
  • CommentManager
  • CommentButtonView
  • CommentTextView
  • CommentModel

  • Bug: after creating a new project, commenting does not work
  • Link CommentManager/CommentsPlugin to project-switch

Database maintenance

  • Reset/export/import database
  • Include metadata in backup format

Database Transfer

  • Transport databases via url (and display under a special context in viewer-only review-mode)
  • Bug: export creates strange “viewer/ite-default/Basket/0db597d3-0fc5-c6fa-bf1f-3b3974e34f86” keys
  • Also propagate “context” (the whole jazz of state) on .query-link’s
  • Bug? why does view get re-rendered on focus in viewer mode? this causes flickering and does not happen in regular mode.
    => seems to be related to review-triggering mechanics
  • Make default project name “ad-hoc”
  • Don’t rebuild comment list everytime list gets focus


  • [o] Having items without score in the basket, this can sometimes color the item green (maybe because score == 0 is also false)
  • [o] After database wipe…
    • clear project chooser and basket
    • [o] turn off on-focus project-reload; this would recreate a project
    • [o] prevent any editing when there’s no current project

  • [o] mode=liveview enhancements:
    • hide “Export” and “Add all” buttons
    • show activity indicator at different place (now it’s hidden)
    • show permalink for propagating stuff
    • [o] show project name (and metadata, like creation- and/or modification-date)
    • [o] enhance “hidden” element swapping (here: "Export, “Add all” buttons)

2014-06-13 - 2014-06-15

Milestone [amo]

Database Transfer:

  • [o] Disable querying in viewer mode (on patentview.elmyra.de),
    using (a short) request validity duration on top of a hmac signature

    SPECS, things to secure

    • 1. query links, ttl=1min
    • [o] 2. entrypoint, ttl=1d
    • [o] 3. referrer checks for api requests, against patentview.elmyra.de
    1. Secure inline query links with opaque parameters
    curl -XPOST localhost:6543/api/token/liveview
    curl -XPOST -d'{abc:"def"}' localhost:6543/api/token/liveview
    curl -XPOST -d'okok{abc:"def"}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' localhost:6543/api/token/liveview
    curl --silent -XPOST -d'hello=world' localhost:6543/api/token/liveview | tee | curl --silent -XPOST -d @- -H 'Content-Type: application/json' localhost:6543/api/token/liveview/verify | python -mjson.tool
        "exp": 1402757183,
        "hello": "world",
        "iat": 1402756883,
        "jti": "EcwZyUhQyoY9_BDSav2RWlvxP7jR2ck9t981nXrPvxU3XHMiPbUakG-bDP_RBJZ85ahWwETZEUnCD11i6_2UBwyI3-ihBKwVQedpF3yygkuXFvh3Epm9Vu1NDhlCJ-xr0wb7VxCM3Z1S43MViaXLT8X4-cdJMCY3uF1pWRa67mk=",
        "nbf": 1402756883
    curl --silent -XPOST -d'hello=world' localhost:6543/api/opaquelinks/token | curl --silent -XPOST -d @- -H 'Content-Type: applicast:6543/api/opaquelinks/token/verify
    {"hello": "world"}
- [x] improve parameter fiddling: major overhaul
- [x] button for linking to patentview.elmyra.de
- [x] in patentview-lockdown mode, only offer to generate opaque permalinks
- [x] transferring project with basket entries ~50 croaks with "414 Request-URI Too Large", now ~380 w/o hassle
    - [x] use lz-string compression
    - [x] tune large_client_header_buffers
        - http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_core_module.html#large_client_header_buffers
        - large_client_header_buffers 8 64K;

2014-06-21 - 2014-06-30

Milestone [amo]

Database Transfer:

    MAKES DATA URL USAGE UNFEASIBLE, is not snappy enough!
    nginx log gets spammed with opaque parameter tokens in http referrer
    a) Can it be stripped using Lua?
    b) Redirect to ?context=viewer&datasource=review (because it will be submitted each time as well!)
        => but it has to go to the client first?
        => maybe javascript pushstate comes to rescue!?
        => otherwise, hand over a short token across the redirect (quick internal url shortener)
            so: ?context=viewer&datasource=review&dbtoken=XYZ
    ==> HTML5 History API / pushState solved it for both long database= and op= parameters;
        check if leaving away mode=liveview on patentview.elmyra.de still yields viewer mode only
  • Amend permalink buttons: let them show the url instead of directly opening it
  • When reviewing an empty basket: No results with query “[object HTMLTextAreaElement]”, range “1-10” and earlier results stay visible.
  • Permalink popover: add buttons for opening url and copying url to clipboard
  • Add help page for shortcut keys
  • Bug: when clicking inline query-links multiple times, garbage parameters start to accumulate